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The Best Writing on the Web, 4/5/2018

Written by James Piltch

What we are reading and discussing today:

Why Won’t the Media Accept the Truth?: That Trump isn’t a criminal defendant, asks Jonathan Turley in The Hill.

Kasich is Coming: To New Hampshire, and maybe the nation as a presidential candidate: Matt Flegenheimer, The New York Times.

Toby Keith Tells All: About music, politics, and his fame: Mikael Wood, The Los Angeles Times.

Facebook Fails Again: It turns out that almost everyone’s data was exposed to malicious actors, report Craig Timberg, Tony Romm, and Elizabeth Dwoskin in The Washington Post.

Roger Stone Won’t Go Away: He probably didn’t have dinner with Julian Assange (as he said he did), but he still has much to reveal: Philip Bump, The Washington Post.


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