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The Best Writing on the Web, 4/7/2018

Written by James Piltch

What we are reading and discussing today:

The EPA is Falling Apart: One employee describes it as a “slow motion train wreck”: Emily Holden, Politico.

The Tiger Effect: Greg Guglielmo examines on FiveThirtyEight how much he changed the Masters’ TV ratings.

What Will Happen to the Denver Post?: The newsroom has experienced extreme cuts, and on Friday, its editorial board published a plea to its own for him to save the paper: Jon Levine, The Wrap.

What About the Breakfast Club?: In the New Yorker, Molly Rigenwald reflects on her experience with John Hughes in the wake of #MeToo.

A New Insurance Market for When the Robots Come: Mario Gonzales-Miranda and Ivailo Ivorski examine how insurance markets will need to adjust.

John Madden Welcomes Immigrants: He goes out of his way to be kind to them in an era of anti-immigrant sentiment: David Axelrod, CNN.

Class Acts“: In Commentary Magazine, Kevin Williamson reflects on the drama of class politics.

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