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SiriusXM radio host, CNN host, newspaper columnist and best-selling author.

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Using the perfect blend of analysis and humor, Smerconish delivers an engaging, thought-provoking and balanced dialogue on today’s political arena and the long-term implications of the polarization in politics beyond the 2016 elections.

Michael Smerconish was conferred a Doctorate of Humane Letters by Widener University on May 21, 2016 and delivered the commencement address!

“Michael Smerconish’s keynote speech kicked off our annual conference this year and set the tone for what most of our members considered our best program ever. Michael’s unbiased approach to today’s political issues presented with humor, whit and sincerity were not only entertaining but thought provoking and enlightening. Extremely pleased we were fortunate enough to have him be part of our program this year and look forward to having him back in the near future.”
RChris Miller
President – National Aircraft Finance Association (NAFA)

“Michael Smerconish’s presentation to Illinois Farm Bureau’s Governmental Affairs Leadership Conference was perfection. Our members couldn’t stop talking about the amount of information that was shared within a speech that kept them entertained and enthused. Our association is non-partisan and we try to provide different sides of stories to our membership. Michael did a wonderful job of opening our member’s eyes to new ideas while explaining his thought process. Michael was well received with this group of Illinois farmers.”
Richard Guebert, Jr.
President, Illinois Farm Bureau

“Michael Smerconish’s keynote address at our IMPACT conference 3 weeks after the election was the talk of the conference. His analysis of Trump’s disruptive win and Clinton’s surprising loss shed light on the political climate that has been brewing over the past 30 years. Smerconish told an unbiased, relatable story that resonated with our audience. His insights were crucial to our attendee’s understanding of the current social landscape effecting their businesses.”
Sean Denham
Office Managing Partner – Philadelphia, Grant Thornton LLP

“Michael Smerconish’s presention was well-received. The Attendees were engaged and interested. Afterwords, attendees said they loved it and could have listened for another hour.”
Kevin J Crenny
Vice President – Federated Securities Corp

“Michael Smerconish gave a riveting keynote address that captivated the audience and sparked many thoughtful conversations. He has great insights into our contemporary political culture and shared them in a thoughtful, very entertaining way. I assumed he’d make an excellent presentation; I was thrilled that his work exceeded my already high expectations.”
Maida Milone
Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts

“I conducted an interview with Michael Smerconish before a packed crowd of Lehigh University alumni in Philadelphia City Hall. Our topic was timely and important: the 2016 U.S. presidential election, then less than eight weeks away. Michael, of course, provided expert commentary and insight. But he provided much more. He offered the audience in-depth historical perspectives into U.S. politics and social life. He offered wonderful, personal anecdotes into his own life and times in American politics. And, in the questions and answers that followed, he connected with the audience with such warmth, humor and generosity that I felt we all were gathered together in a family living room. I began and ended the interview with the same sentiment: Michael Smerconish represents the best in American journalism.”
Dr. Jack Lule
Professor and Chair, Department of Journalism and Communication, Lehigh University

“Just two weeks prior to the 2016 national elections, our C-suite audience was excited to get the perspectives of Michael Smerconish. He did not disappoint! Michael provided an impassioned and reasoned point of view on today’s political environment bolstered by fascinating sociological insights on how we got here. At a time when talking heads are hell-bent on polarizing, we heard from a thinker who knows his audience and understands what shapes public perception and opinion. In so doing, Michael shined a light on potential paths back to more productive dialogue and legislative action. This was the perfect way to set the stage for our conference!”
Art Flanagan
Vice President, Communications, CASRO

“As the only trade association in Washington comprised of the top-ranking officials in corporate government affairs offices, the Business-Government Relations Council (B-GRC) serves as a networking platform for our members to share insights into how key decision-makers operate at the intersection of public policy and the political process. As the closing speaker of our 50th anniversary annual meeting, Michael engaged our membership in a dialogue that took us far beyond the headlines to a keen understanding of all of the dynamics at play in the 2016 electoral season — political, media/technology, demographic — all grounded in rich, fact-based historical context. The Smerconish hallmark sincerity, objectivity and humor were in abundant supply at our annual meeting – just as they are on television, radio and in print. As it becomes harder and harder to find straight shooters who see the problems our country faces from both sides, thinkers like Michael Smerconish are an increasingly rare commodity every organization should seek out.”
Evan A. Knisely
Business-Government Relations Council Past President and Member, Board of Directors

“Michael Smerconish was one of the best resources that we have had in a long time when he spoke recently to our group of business leaders in Philadelphia. Michael was able to cut through the fog of the 2016 election, no small feat, with both conviction and clarity, and was engaging to the point where we had to cut of questions or else we might still be there. We will have him speak to our group again.”
Gregg Epstein
President/CEO, Perry Videx LLC, Philadelphia YPO Gold

“Thanks to Michael Smerconish for a powerful, educational and transformative presentation! I have recieved comments that this was the best PAC speach ever!
Dennis George
Kansas Hospital Association, Convention 2016

“Nothing’s ever clear in politics, but what is crystal clear is Michael Smerconish’s rank as one of the premier speakers on American politics.”
Roger Masse
Kansas Hospital Association, Convention 2016

“Michael Smerconish presented a rousing speech packed with a factual, refreshingly honest breakdown of our country’s political landscape.”
Dr. John Jeter
Kansas Hospital Association, Convention 2016

“Michael’s closing keynote presentation at our annual Healthcare Conference absolutely entertained our audience. His material was personal and informative, giving the audience numerous occasions to smile and laugh – as well as to gain real insight about today’s polarization in politics. His friendly and honest style, coupled with compelling data and great story telling, had our diverse audience thoroughly engaged, no matter their political leaning. As evidenced by this attendee comment — “Probably the best presentation ever at one of these events!” — Michael is a home run for any event and we were very pleased to have him participate.”
Mark Cranston
AVP Corporate Marketing, TriZetto Corporation

“Michael’s presentation was very well received by a hundreds of financial services industry executives and professionals. His style – humorous and engaging, with just the right balance of personal anecdotes and facts – was perfect for our audience. He was a terrific part of our program. ”
Cheryl Crispen
EVP Communications, SIFMA, The Voice of the U.S. Securities Industry

“I’ve been told by members of our synagogue that our program with Michael Smerconish was, by far, the best event we ever held. Our congregation is over 40 years old! That’s some compliment! The e-mails were flying with gratitude and appreciation for the program in which he was our Guest Speaker. As we honored two very special congregants, we also invited him to help us focus on this election year, this astounding and shocking presidential campaign. We asked him for an inside look and we got it! His remarks were insightful, educational and enlightening. And, his warmth and humor made him that much more engaging. Michael really understood our audience. How great for us! Here are more comments … “I could have listened to Michael the whole night.” “I didn’t want it to end,” etc., etc. I know I speak for my co–chairs when I say, “We highly recommend Michael Smerconish.” With great respect and gratitude. ”
Sharla Feldscher
Co-chair, M’kor Or Award Dinner Honoring Linda and Steven Angstreich, Congregation M’kor Shalom, Cherry Hill, NJ

“Michael Smerconish was a huge hit as the Keynote Speaker at the Ohio Association for Justice Annual Convention President’s Dinner in Columbus, Ohio. Regardless of your political ideology, Michael’s comments were “spot on” with regards to the state of today’s political affairs. Michael has a unique ability to connect with the crowd and his presentation incorporated all of the necessary elements of a first rate speech, including humor and a touch of personal history. I would encourage any group or organization looking for an engaging and well versed speaker, to reach out to Michael. You won’t be disappointed!”
Paul Grieco
President, The Ohio Association for Justice

“Michael Smerconish provided a balanced and insightful commentary on the state of politics and the media during his address at our Annual Law Day Luncheon. He began the day by engaging a room full of 100 local high school and college students, who were as genuinely interested in his observations as he was impressed with their level of knowledge and questions.

Mr. Smerconish presented his keynote address to our noontime audience of 575 attorneys, their families and staff, government, civic, business and religious leaders. He was very well prepared; his execution had everyone riveted; his points were made through both serious and light-hearted examples. Our only possible regret would be that we did not get to spend even more time with him! ”
Melissa H. Shirey, Esquire
President of the Erie County Bar Association (PA)
Tim Riley, Esquire
Chair of the ECBA Law Day Committee

“Thoughtful, relevant and entertaining, Michael Smerconish accomplished something rarely seen in Orange County, California, a place long known for its conservative Republican majority. He captured the attention of a sold out ballroom and held it for nearly an hour as he told the story of modern American politics and the growing gridlock that has paralyzed our nation’s capital and angered millions who no longer have faith in those who lead us. You could hear a pin drop as Republicans, Democrats and Independents alike listened to Michael’s compelling tale of how the extremes on both ends of the spectrum are hijacking the political process at the expense of the majority of Americans stuck in the middle. With his signature insight and wit that is characteristic of his national radio show and TV commentary on CNN, Michael not only painted a picture of mounting dysfunction but he offered hope for a healthier tomorrow if the vast majority of Americans re-engage in how and who governs from Main Street to Washington. When he finished, many cheered Michael’s remarks as fresh and reassuring. Orange County Business Council has been fortunate to host some of the biggest names in business and politics through the years at its annual dinner. Michael was clearly one of the best at leaving the crowd wanting more.”
Lucy Dunn
President and CEO, Orange County Business Council

“The Jewish Community of Philadelphia was privileged to have Michael speak to our Joshua Society donors. His remarks were informative, interesting, entertaining and relevant. The standing room only crowd listened with intent to his knowledge of the issues, his passion for what he does and his interest in our community. His insight is delivered with both honesty and integrity and we enjoyed having him as our guest.”
Bud Newman
President, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

“Michael Smerconish was a terrific keynote speaker at the recent Fulbright Enrichment Seminar dealing with Democracy in Action: U.S. Politics and Elections, held in Philadelphia, PA. This seminar was hosted by the U.S. Department of State and the Fulbright Commission. His talk “Caught in the Middle with You: How Did We Get Where We Are (Politically), and What Will It Take to Get Out” was an interesting and insightful presentation of how politics has become so very polarized. Historical examples related to politics as well as the current presidential election cycle were addressed. He did a wonderful job with the Q&A. In attendance were Fulbright graduate students, the best and the brightest, from about 140 countries around the world. Everyone in attendance was impressed by his clear, entertaining and thoughtful presentation. His years of close personal experience with politics provided much credence to his talk. Like his work on CNN and POTUS he was a consummate professional. I am sure that everyone in attendance will remember his talk for quite some time. We were thrilled to have him.”
William L. Rosenberg, PhD
Professor of Political Science, Drexel University
Consultant to the Philadelphia Fulbright Enrichment Seminar

“Michael Smerconish is unique among today’s political pundits. In a world where polarizing, thoughtless sound bytes dominate the political landscape, Smerconish is a thoughtful commentator who understands that the divisive nature of today’s media has in large measure contributed to the dysfunction of contemporary American politics. I recently had the privilege of hearing Michael Smerconish speak before a group of political scientists. His talk was something we don’t usually see these days: a solid argument based on “evidence” presented through polling data, charts, pictures and, of course, his words. He built a strong case about what his wrong with today’s politics, but also offered some solid ideas about how we can make the process work again. He held the attention of a group of academics through a thoughtful, compelling, yet entertaining analysis of our today’s political scene.

If you get the chance to hear him speak, seize the opportunity.”
Jeffrey Kraus
Executive Director, Northeastern Political Science Association

“The speaking circuit is overrun with political pundits, but in Michael Smerconish audiences will be struck by a rare combination of carefully crafted storytelling, compelling and accessible polling data, and a powerful, beautifully organized and delivered indictment of today’s media-stoked dysfunction in American politics. At our recent annual meeting, I watched the early morning crowd listen raptly as he laid out his case with thoughtfully chosen charts, pictures, and words, as you would expect from such a talented student of communications, policy, and human behavior. He delivered a grand slam presentation.”
Andy Carter
President and Chief Executive Officer
The Hospital & Healthsystem Association of Pennsylvania

“Incisive and witty. Michael Smerconish’s diagnosis for what ails the current political system and his prescription for making it healthy again were right on the mark. He is the perfect speaker, especially for organizations involved in advocacy or public policy issues.”
Pete Ruane
President & CEO, American Road & Transportation Builders Association, Washington, D.C.

“Michael executed a terrific keynote speech at the Regional Conference of the New Jersey and Delaware Valley Chapters of the Healthcare Information Management System Society (HIMSS). Given the heavy IT audience, we particularly appreciated the significant amount of data that Michael presented to reinforce the content about causes of the polarized political environment in Washington and his well-informed insights into the 2016 presidential election cycle. Enhanced by great visuals, Michael delivered his presentation in both an informative and entertaining way. We strongly recommend Michael for other organizations looking for a dynamic speaker.”
Andy Farella
President Elect, Delaware Valley HIMSS

“Michael Smerconish was the keynote speaker at our annual conference in Philadelphia. He provided an engaging view on issues of the day and his presentation was timely, informative, and entertaining. His keynote address was exceptionally well received by those in attendance and it truly set the stage for a terrific conference. I would recommend Michael to anyone considering an event speaker.”
Brian Donley
Planning Chair, PA, NJ, DE – ICSC (International Council of Shopping Centers) Conference

“At this summer’s American Association for Justice convention, our members were thoroughly captivated by remarks made by Michael Smerconish. Michael is a talented speaker who presents his analysis of the current political landscape with equal doses of searing wit and heart. His thoughtful critique of the polarized nature of the political discourse in this country inspired and educated our members. Michael’s shared insights were a real highlight of this conference.”
Linda Lipsen
CEO, American Association for Justice

“The Carolinas Credit Union League wanted an unparalleled experience at our 2015 Annual Meeting, including a full day of speakers. With a 2.5-hour block on politics and advocacy, it was important that we begin strongly. From introductory video to his final response during Q&A, Michael Smerconish delivered. His expert perspective and direct, entertaining style brought and kept attention on what often is a starchy, analytical, and polarizing subject. Michael’s material was up-to-the-minute and showed he thought as much our audience and bringing them together as we did of his insight.

By most every account our participants called this our best annual meeting ever, and we have Michael to thank for such great momentum through the advocacy block and the rest of the schedule. As one participant shared in an evaluation, “I could have listened to him all day!”
John Radebaugh
President/CEO, Carolinas Credit Union League

“As President of the New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters (NJAHU), we had the opportunity to have Michael Smerconish speak to our members at our states annual conference. Michael’s presentation was entertaining, timely, and most importantly engaging. Our members were extremely happy with his presentation. Michael’s involvement with our event not only elevated the overall conference, but elevated our association as well. I strongly recommend having Michael as keynote speaker.”
Ross Honig
President, New Jersey Association of Health Underwriters

“As this year’s program chairman, for our Annual Dinner speaker, the non-partisan political organization, TIGER BAY of Volusia County (FL), I couldn’t have been more pleased than with Michael Smerconish. At the cocktail party, before the meeting started, Michael was very personable and engaging with our members, something they appreciated tremendously. By the time I introduced him, and called him up on the podium, most of the people in the audience felt they already knew him.

Michael ranks right at the top of some of the best speakers we’ve had over the last twenty-five years. You can tell what makes him such a terrific orator, is that he really does his homework, knows his material and doesn’t fumble around for words. And, to put the icing on the cake, he’s very humorous as well.

For any organization that is looking for a spectacular program, Michael Smerconish can surely fill the bill.”
Dr. Len Indianer
Past President, Tiger Bay Club of Volusia County

“Michael Smerconish served as the closing speaker at our annual convention. He was extremely well-received and provided an engaging and insightful bi-partisan view on the current status of the issues facing our nation and its implications for the future. In addition, he was very easy to work with in the pre-event planning. I would definitely have Michael talk with our members again!”
Beth Morell
Vice President of Communications and Education, Missouri Hospital Association

“At the Fall dinner meeting of the Bar Association of Lehigh County our guest speaker was Michael Smerconish. Everyone was delighted with his presentation. It was timely, informative and entertaining. The question and answer session following was lively, fun and the best we have had in recent memory. Before, during and after the event Mr. Smerconish was very accommodating and personable. Everyone was left wanting more.”
Robert M. Knauer, Esquire
President, Bar Association of Lehigh County

“Michael Smerconish was very well-received at our event in Chicago earlier this month. In terms of content, he is a master of weaving together big ideas and down-to-earth examples. As for delivery, he is everything you would hope for from a talk radio guy: articulate and silver-tongued. He was easy to work with onsite, and our audience found his remarks insightful and entertaining.”

Harvey Shapiro
Senior Advisor, Institutional Investor Conferences

“Michael made an excellent presentation at our Annual Board Meeting. He was extremely well received. His thoughtful, timely, and relevant presentation kept everyone’s attention. His warm and personal insights offered during his comments were enjoyed by all.”
Barry Morrison
Regional Director, Anti-Defamation League

“Michael delivered a great speech at our meeting of client CEO’s. He presented a great overview of today’s political landscape and his point of view of what we must do as a nation to return to a civil discourse of the challenges we face domestically and internationally. Our clients found his commentary to be not only insightful but also straight to the heart of the topic at hand.”
Gregory Coda
President, Client Management, Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.

“Smerconish was fresh, entertaining and engaging. A genuine storyteller who connected with our audience from start to finish, Michael walked our audience behind the scenes of the media, between the aisles of Washington and into the everyday life of Michael Smerconish.

We walked away with a better understanding of the polarizing views dividing our nation and a deeper appreciation that not every issue has to be black and white, us versus them. Most of all, we discovered that the simple conversational things about our lives are what matter most and make for the most interesting dialogue.

Our attendees have seen many keynotes, and we wanted to give them something slightly different, something they haven’t seen or heard before. Michael gave us all of that and more. As a result, both NASCO and Michael have expanded our fan base.”
Bob Meier
Director, Marketing and Communications, NASCO

“Our Organization’s event planning committee was excited to have Michael Smerconish as our keynote speaker for our years largest event. We were thrilled with the mix of 45 minutes of humor and political insight that Michael provided. He possess a unique view from the inside of the political reporting process. Had we not gone to the podium during his Q &A there is no telling how long he would have continued. He blended with our group and made everyone feel very comfortable. Our expectations were far exceeded and the positive feedback from our attendees only confirms Michael was the right choice for our event. I would recommend Michael to anyone considering an event speaker, regardless of your political views.”
Greg Marquardt, CLU, ChFC, CASL, CLTC, 
President, Greater Philadelphia Society of Financial Services Professionals

“Michael was able to address a diverse group of senior executives and directors on current U.S politics in a very candid and direct way. His views are clearly well informed, and perhaps more importantly, heartfelt and authentic. Great job…”
Ric Andersen
Partner, Milestone Partners

“Michael delivered an insightful 45 minute speech about the current U.S. political environment that enthralled our partners and clients. Michael was outstanding in the Q&A session as well, engaging our audience in an array of current relevant political topics. We will have him back!”
Ed Lovelidge
Market Managing Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers

“Michael spoke at our monthly breakfast briefing on the upcoming election, how it reflects the increasingly polarized state of U.S. politics today, and the root causes of this polarization. Our audience is primarily made up of merger & acquisition professionals, including people in private equity, investment banking, commercial banking, accounting and law. A decent portion of our audience inevitably is disappointed when we have people speak on politics, because the speaker usually leans one way or the other politically. Michael, however, was a breath of fresh air! Not only did he explain the current polarization in a bipartisan manner, perhaps of more import, he did so with an up-tempo, engaging and humorous delivery. I received many compliments from our members, who are typically hard to please, and would heartily recommend Michael for anyone considering an event speaker.”
John Lee
President, Association for Corporate Growth, Philadelphia Chapter

“Michael Smerconish served up an outstanding keynote for our Villanova Business Leaders Forum. He was engaging throughout – a perfect blend of humor and analysis to provide his perspective on the increasingly partisan political landscape. The talk was fantastically well-received, without exception, by audience members representing the full range of political orientations – a feat unto itself. Perhaps no less important, Michael was a gracious and thoughtful guest. He spent considerable time and effort understanding our event and making it special. An all-around home run!”
Patrick G. Maggitti, PhD 
The Helen and William O’Toole Dean, Villanova School of Business

“Michael spoke at our Annual Conference & Expo, to an audience of homeowners and managers in condo and homeowner associations. His speech focused on the polarization in politics and the increasing lack of civil discourse in America. Our audience loved Michael’s presentation and found it extremely relevant to their every day experiences. One of our attendees called his speech “Absolutely one of the best keynote addresses I have heard. Intelligent, engaging and thought-provoking.” Nothing makes a conference organizer more satisfied than attendees who believe the event was engaging and thought-provoking. Smerconish delivered on all counts.”
Tony Campisi, Executive Director, Community Associations Institute

“Michael Smerconish was the keynote speaker for our Mock Primary Election in 2012. His message about engaging in a balanced political dialogue was compelling and resonated with our entire school community. He went above and beyond to provide a terrific educational experience for our students, who also gained a greater appreciation of the role of the media in politics and government.”
Larry Van Meeter 
Head of School, Mooresetown Friends


“As our keynote Radio Show luncheon speaker, Michael Smerconish was most well received by our radio broadcasters from different market sizes across America. His passion for radio’s responsibility to our listeners came through as he encouraged productive bipartisan dialogue.”
John David 
Executive Vice President of Radio, National Association of Broadcasters

“Michael spoke as part of a panel of experts regarding “The Impact of the Economy on the Presidential Election”. His comments were insightful, provocative, and timely. Our students, faculty, alumni and corporate leaders in attendance were in agreement that Michael’s comments were enlightening and entertaining. He generated thoughtful questions from the audience which only enhanced the quality of the evening. The comments from all in attendance were overwhelmingly positive. They didn’t want the evening to end.Thank you Michael, job well done !!!”
Dr Joseph DiAngelo 
Dean, Haub School of Business, Saint Joseph’s University