Like most things in America, media is becoming increasingly polarized. People can turn on their chosen news show and tune out all others. They can open newspapers with headlines they like and never look at ones they don’t. The political center of American media has been hollowed out.

At, we are addressing this problem. We want to provide people with access to content that doesn’t always lean left or lean right. Instead, we want to highlight great critical thinking, excellent research or reporting, and the fact that politics and the news are messier than they are made out to be.

We are working to build the center on this site in two ways. First, we are flagging content from all over that is exemplary and posting it here. It doesn’t matter whether it’s written in The New York Times or the National Review. What matters is that the writer engages critically and thoughtfully on issues that affect people.

Second, we are beginning to post our own content that doesn’t consistently take one side. Sometimes, our writers will agree with Democrats. Others, they’ll side with Republicans. Much of the time, the writer won’t have a side. They’ll be trying to share how their expertise or experience sheds light on America today.

We’re excited to meet most Americans where they are: somewhere in the middle.

If you have questions regarding the site or are interested in potentially writing for us, please email with “Submission” and the subject of your piece in the subject line.