The Best Writing on the Web, 3/30/2018


What we're reading and discussing today: A Voter Slip Up: Half-a-million Californians think they're signing up to be an independent. But they're actually joining a party that supported segregationist George Wallace's presidential run: John Myers, Los Angeles Times.

'Serial' Gets a New Trial: Adnan Syed, the subject of podcast Serial, will get a new trial.

Police Need to Change Their Rules of Engagement: After a horrible shooting of an unarmed black man in Sacramento, David French says in the National Review that police need to think about how they engage civilians in a different way.

Political Reform in Pennsylvania: Governor Tom Wolf is looking to make the state function better politically.

Pope Francis Says There is No Hell: Michael Chapman,

A Second Supreme Court Case on Gerrymandering: The court normally doesn't hear two cases on the same issue in such a short time. So, why did it it in this case?: Galen Druke,