Thank You, Mr. President, for MARA


MAGA, Make America Great Again is the iconic and troversial slogan of your campaign and presidency. But in the pages of history, Mr. President, you may well be remembered for MARA. Since the beginning of your controversial and drama filled Presidency, more Americans are doing something that they have not done in a long time.

To be clear, they aren’t doing it because of politics and ideas. The great debates over gun control, infrastructure, border security, overseas threats, high and low finance, education, and foreign relations have continued during your administration.

No, this story about MARA is all about you, a profile of how your own singular personality has changed one aspect of American life in a big way. This is really about your style and prowess in creating an environment of uncertainty, anxiety, and drama.

Let me explain. You like chaos, according to most people who know you. And chaos has reigned. You can change your mind on a dime. You will attack, back off, and then go on the attack again. You have, at times, showed signs of restraint, followed by days and days of attacks and more attacks. If you were running a business again, your HR Department might be burned out by the revolving door. You have succeeded in keeping the nation in suspense. The allies are in suspense. You have created a new genre’, FAKE NEWS, and restored an old attack line, WITCH HUNT.

By the way, both your devoted supporters and avid opponents share this new age of uncertainty. That’s the one thing that people in the great divide have in common.

The nations of the world are more confused than ever. Only Russia seems to know what’s going on.

Mr.President, you have become the Executive Producer of one of the most fascinating shows on earth, with millions of people going to bed at night, some hopeful that you will be bringing jobs and prosperity, others worried about finding the morning newspaper with bad news on the doorstep.

So, with all that as a backdrop, I want to sincerely congratulate you for creating MARA.

Since the election campaign, and your time in office, more Americans are searching harder for more news. Cable news ratings are higher than ever, and The New York Times digital readership is at an all time high. More people are seeking and searching for more news about the world we live in. Web sites are filled with visitors. Libraries are filled. Three local librarians tell me that the biggest request is for books on history and politics, and agents in the book industry say much the same. Newspapers are staying alive, in paper and online. You love golf as an escape. Many American are escaping by reading novels again. Fiction can be even more desirable than the Fake News you talk about. Twitter, your communications favorite, has some of the most creative writers in the country. I marvel at the brilliance of the tweets both from your supporters, and denouncers. You have encouraged people to be more edgy.

Yes, here in your America, divisions get deeper, hope fades and rises in a matter of hours, and some people can’t get enough of it.

So, what is MARA?

It is a resurgence of an American tradition, a restoration of a habit that can spark a revival of the quest for truth.

MARA may not be your favorite accomplishment, but you deserve a lot of the credit.

MARA may actually Make America great again, through education and dedication to learning.

MARA is the new slogan of the future,

It stands for Make America Read Again

Thank you, Mr. President.

An audio version of this analysis will be made for POTUS, if he requests it.