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“TALK’s colorfully diverse cast and party-neutral tone make this powerful satire attractive to most any reader. Funny, disturbing and most importantly thought-provoking, TALK has a lot to say; we should be listening.”
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Jen Forbus

“Michael Smerconish has taken to heart the classic advice to first-time novelists to “write what you know”: in his case, the overheated, intrigue-laden, agenda-strewn landscape where presidential politics and talk radio intersect. The resulting book is an absolute treat from first page to last. Fun and funny, raucous and razor-sharp, brimming with vitality and buzzy verisimilitude, TALK delivers truths large and small about the freak show that our ideologically polarized media environment has become. And does so with all the flair and savvy that are Smerconish’s on-air trademarks.”

Mark Halperin and John Heilemann
coauthors of GAME CHANGE and DOUBLE DOWN

“If you’ve ever wondered what one of those hyper-ventilating, ‘look-out! The sky is falling!’ radio leatherlungs is really thinking, here is a bracing dose of candor, offered by one of the medium’s most insightful figures. It’s a gift to his listeners that Michael does not practice what his character screeches…and a gift to his readers that he renders this world so compellingly.”

Jeff Greenfield
Five-time Emmy-winning TV correspondent

“Smerconish has taken the plunge into fiction and it is a beautiful swan dive, perfectly timed and executed, as though he’s been doing it all his life.If you want to know how the world of politics and talk radio works, read this eye-opener from an insider. Michael Smerconish’s talk show character of Stan Powers is complex, thoughtful, and ultimately honest with his listeners and himself. You will love this guy, and this book..”

Nelson DeMille
No. 1 New York Times best selling author of Gold Coast and the General’s Daughter

“It may be fiction, but “Talk” delivers more insight into modern politics and media than any nonfiction I’ve read. And it’s a pure hoot”

Mark McKinnon
Cofounder No Labels, Media Advisor to George W. Bush, Shallow Media Guy.

“You want a preview of how we will pick our next president? Read this compelling first novel by Michael Smerconish. I couldn’t put it down. Talk is the fascinating behind the scenes story of how big time politics and the big time communications are on a daily collision course. The resulting police report: careers are made, lives are destroyed and somebody ends up standing at the presidential podium.”

Sal Paolantonio
National Correspondent ESPN

“Look at them: The guy stuck in traffic alongside you, the woman behind you, both glaring at the cars stalled in front of them, enemies attacking their day. And what are they doing? Listening to talk radio. Listening and deciding what nuggets, bizarre or rational, thoughtful or borderline crazy, they’ll ponder as they navigate through the politics that affect every American life. In his first novel, TALK, Michael Smerconish, a guy who actually brings rational, thoughtful opinion and insight daily on to the national stage has drawn back the curtain on a two universes – politics and talk radio – that have dominated so much of the discourse around the direction of the country. Who knew? Smerconish writes as well as he talks. Buy the book. Learn a lot.”

Mike Barnicle
Columnist and contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe program

“Whether you love or hate talk radio–and no one’s neutral on this one– you will devour Talk. It’s scintillating, sexy and smart. It’s also makes a powerful point you will love or hate but can’t ignore. Read Talk and talk about it.”

Alan Dershowitz
Author of Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law.

“For years, people have said that Tom Friedman of The New York Times would make a great Secretary of State. After reading TALK, I have a better idea: Michael Smerconish as White House Communications Director. Because the president should have a guy who knows how things actually work. TALK is funny, insightful and scary. It says `novel’ on the cover but I’m not so sure.”

Michael Bamberger
Sports Illustrated Senior Writer

“Wow! Strap in because this is one helluva fun ride. TALK is Michael Smerconish’s brutal and brilliant true to life story of politics, media and the games people play. I did say this was fiction, right?”

Michael Steele
Former Head of the Republican National Committee

“In Talk, clichés such as ‘page turner’ or ‘riveting’ are inadequate. Once you pick it up to read, as I did, you will stay up all night to finish it. It is an inside expose of the political talk show and the banalities and superficial personalities that dominate it.

Its surprise ending will knock your ears off!”

James C. Humes
Former speechwriter for President Ronald Reagan and Lady Margaret Thatcher, and author of Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln and The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln.


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