Long Time Listener, First Time Caller – A Field Guide

Michael Smerconish and company do a fantastic job of delving into sensitive and complex issues, leading a discussion in a respectful, entertaining, and insightful manner, and presenting voices from all walks of life and all areas of the political spectrum. So much so that I, and many others who don’t have the time and energy to get up and change the channel, instead choose to keep our dial firmly planted in the calm eye of the whirlwind of news that is Hurricane Media. Michael and his team set such a high bar for thoughtful and thought-provoking radio with a level of balance, professionalism, and accountability that few other hosts are able, and even fewer are willing, to even set their sights on leading such a conversation.


However, due to my 9-5 work schedule, I do not get the chance to call into the program and often find myself speaking back to the SiriusXM App playing the program from the day prior. Even when given the opportunity, I have found myself hesitant to call in due to my own internally generated pressure and embarrassment at not knowing what to expect should I actually get through to a screener. With that in mind, I have partnered with the newly famous and (possibly) soon-to-be infamous Artificially Intelligent text generator ChatGPT to develop a comprehensive guide to encourage others to widen the tent and make their contribution to the conversation.


Me: What will the process be if I call into the Michael Smerconish Program?

ChatGPT: If you call the Michael Smerconish Program, here is the general process you can expect:


Dial the Phone Number: To call into the Michael Smerconish program, you will need to dial the phone number provided by Sirius XM. The number may be different depending on your location and subscription.

Wait on Hold: After dialing the number, you will likely be placed on hold for a period of time. The amount of time you wait may depend on how busy the show is and how many other callers are ahead of you.

Speak with a Producer: When it is your turn to speak with the show, you will be connected to a producer. The producer may ask you for your name, location, and a brief summary of what you want to talk about.

Wait for Your Turn: After speaking with the producer, you will be placed back on hold until it is your turn to speak with Michael Smerconish on the air. You will hear the show’s audio in the background, and you may hear other callers speaking before you.

Speak with Michael Smerconish: When it is your turn to speak with Michael Smerconish, the producer will introduce you, and you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ask a question, or engage in a discussion.

Wrap-Up: Michael Smerconish will likely respond to your comments or question, and you may have a brief back-and-forth discussion. The call will typically last a few minutes, after which the producer will wrap up the call and move on to the next caller.

Remember to be prepared, respectful, and engaging when you call into the Michael Smerconish program. This can help increase the likelihood that your call will be aired and that you will have a productive conversation with the host.


Me: What are some tips for calling into the Michael Smerconish program on SiriusXM?

ChatGPT: Here are some tips for calling into the Michael Smerconish program on Sirius XM:


Know the Show: Michael Smerconish covers a wide range of topics on his show, from politics to pop culture. Listen to the show regularly to get a sense of the topics he covers and the show’s tone.

Be Concise: Michael Smerconish has a limited amount of time for each caller, so be clear and concise in your comments or question. Make sure you get to the point quickly.

Be Prepared: Before you call in, think about what you want to say and how you want to say it. Write down your main points if that helps you stay organized.

Stay on Topic: Try to stay focused on the topic at hand. Don’t go off on tangents or change the subject.

Be Respectful: Michael Smerconish values respectful conversation and dialogue. Avoid personal attacks or offensive language.

Be Engaging: Try to add value to the conversation by offering a unique perspective or personal experience related to the topic.

Be Patient: Michael Smerconish’s show can be busy, so be prepared to wait on hold for a while. Be patient and stay on the line.

Follow the Show’s Guidelines: The Michael Smerconish program has its own guidelines for callers. Make sure you are familiar with these guidelines and follow them to ensure your call is aired.


Remember that calling into the Michael Smerconish program can be a great way to engage in thoughtful dialogue and share your perspective on important issues. By following these tips, you can make the most of your call and contribute to the show in a positive way.


While the above is surely comprehensive, as an avid listener, I feel sufficiently knowledgeable to add some additional tips for making the most of your time:


Flattery will get you Everywhere: If time permits, start your call with a few compliments of Michael, the show, TC, Dan, or any one else affiliated with the show. Michael will say nobody wants to hear it but him, but his team and listeners will enjoy hearing that others appreciate the time and effort that goes into delivering the high quality content on a consistent basis. For an example of what this looks like, please refer to the opening statement of this article.

Acknowledge the Team: A lot goes into making the program, beyond just the dialogue that you hear on the air. Throwing a complement or acknowledgement to the other team members show you understand this fact and appreciation all of their behind the scenes efforts.

Watch your Language: Avoid vulgar language, especially the unacceptable words beginning with M-F, N, or C or risk coming face to face with the dump button. It should go without saying but these are off-limits.


Do not defame any person or organization. Full stop.


Hold MICHAEL Accountable: Michael and company do not control or influence the content from other media producers. He is not the invisible hand dictating the agendas or opinions of anyone else and should not be held liable for the main stream media at large, CNN, or anyone else but himself.

Turn your Radio Down: Too often, insightful opinions are overshadowed by the echoes of thoughtful opinions discussed 30 seconds prior. Turn the radio off and listen instead through the phone while you are on hold.

Respect the Lightning: If Michael says it is a Lightning Round, he means it. A Lightning Round means there is either a short supply of time or a large demand for airtime. This means be prepared only to convey what you MOST want to say. If you have three points you want to raise, try reducing it to one. If you have ten points you want to raise, organize your thoughts and email the show at editor@smerconish.com instead.

Check your Memory: The team, as well as long time listeners, appreciate when current content can be tied to conversations had in previous shows. A caveat to this is if such a call-back would illustrate a time when Michael is not being consistent. In such cases, remember that Michael is perfectly consistent and the viewpoints he holds now are identical to the ones he held from birth, just like the rest of us.


I do hope that others find this article as helpful as I found the exercise of writing it and are empowered to share their opinions and connect with the dying breed that is logical and respectful political commentary.

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Share With Your Connections
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