Plants Can Change Your Life

Plants can change your life.jpg

It just feels good. Did you realize that living in an environment without natural elements like trees and plants creates anxiety in humans?

A University of Rochester study discovered that people who live with nature feel more socially connected and become more caring individuals. When those surveyed were only exposed to artificial environments like concrete and highways, they were found to be less generous and valued money and fame more. On the other hand, people who live within a half-mile of a park or natural setting expressed less anxiety and depression.

It’s only a study, but if you live in an area that is lacking in green, it can’t hurt to commune with some flowers and trees. Even a roof garden or a gleeful Pilea peperomiodes on a windowsill counts for those who spend 90% of the day away from the natural world.

It’s definitely made a world of difference for me.

Throughout the last thirty years, I found relief from dark moods and impenetrable negativity by heading out into the garden or wherever the green stuff lives. The rational mind knows that nothing will help. All is lost. But, a barely-heard voice whimpers for action. Drag those concrete legs, keep walking, and get out there. You whiner and start digging. It always works, but I never think it will. The gnarly fog dissipates as soon as I get close to any type of plant.

Northwestern U. defines plants as:

“Essential for any ecosystem. They provide all the energy for the ecosystem because they can get energy directly from sunlight. It is called photosynthesis.”

Pretty important.

Do plants have special powers? I know they do. According to NASA research:

“Generally, plants with larger leaves have a higher transpiration rate and an increased ability to reduce toxins in the air.”

If plants are smart enough to purify the air in their space stations (including ferns, Philodendron, Peace lilies, orchids, and spider plants), they should be able to remove toxins inside our earthly homes.

They know how to absorb the pollutants like benzene in our ‘Edgecomb Gray’ wall color. Or add some flower power to brighten up interior spaces with those holiday messengers: red poinsettias, flighty-pink cyclamen, or huge trumpeted flowers of the exotic Amaryllis that emerge magically from a single brown bulb.

Today, stress is a part of life’s choices, responsibilities, politics, and plenty of other factors that can cause fatigue and runaway anxiety in our lives.

As many stresses can be traced to either our indoor environment or nature deprivation, my simple solution is to commune with plants as an important part of living. Plants can even make you sleep; the evolved fragrances of jasmine and lavender flowers encourage a soothing calm which leads to a better quality of sleep naturally.

According to my personal research, I know I always feel better when I separate from my high-energy, visible light emitting screens and do a little dance with a hoe

Plants can definitely change your life.