Joe’s Baby Brother Tells Him to Go for It

Joe’s Baby Brother Tells Him to Go for It.jpg

Monday’s New York Times had a rather large story by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns reporting that former Vice President Joe Biden “is in the final stages of deciding whether to run for president and has told allies he is skeptical the other Democrats eyeing the White House can defeat President Trump…”

Martin was my guest in the first hour of my SiriusXM radio program Monday morning and after interviewing him about his story, I solicited telephone calls from the audience regarding a potential Biden candidacy.

That’s when “Frank from Florida” called. Frank happens to be Joe Biden’s baby brother and he has called me before.  We have also emailed one another. Like his big brother, Frank is usually unplugged in his commentary. Today was no exception. He confirmed many aspects of the Times’ coverage and offered some colorful insights into the former Vice President’s decision-making process on running for president.

First, he confirmed that Joe is in the final stages of the decision making process.

Second, Frank took issue with the idea that Joe suffers among younger demographics (18-35), an idea which he called “laughable”, and pointed to recent polling in Iowa as evidence of Joe’s strong standing with younger Americans.

“Without question, the people who are most enthusiastic are younger people,” he said. He attributed the idea that such a divide by demographics exists to pundits who make up their own storyline.

Frank also said took issue with the idea that there is a major policy divide within the Democratic Party, before rattling off a list of Joe’s progressive accomplishments, and promising that if elected President, Joe would address global warming with a “meat axe.”

Perhaps most significantly, Frank Biden shared insight as to the grieving process his older brother has endured after the tragic passing of his eldest son, Beau, in 2015.  Frank said that those who have lost a child know “it takes a piece out of you”. Joe Biden was no exception according to this brother who told me he was initially surprised that Joe “could put one foot in front of the other” after sustaining a tragic loss (like many others have endured). But Frank reported that Joe’s bereavement over Beau’s passing will no longer hold him back.

“It will bring a smile to your face thinking about your loved one and not a tear to your eye at some point. We have reached that point as a family.” He said that Joe is now freed-up emotionally and spiritually.

“If he decides to go, he will be the most dynamic seventy-something-year-old you’ve ever met in your entire life.”

Frank Biden said that he counsels his brother on health and fitness and does not see Joe’s age as an impediment, noting that “Trump can’t walk 18; Joe benches 185 for repetition.”

So what response does Frank get when he tells his older brother to run?

“He smiles and kisses me because I’m his youngest brother. He’s my hero.”

Listen to the entire conversation here