President Trump’s Political Football

President Trump’s Political Football.jpg

America has long been a sports-loving country, and the game of football is one of its favorites. Football is favored because it is fast, fierce, and fundamentally fair. Yet despite the aggressiveness of the sport, most competitions are conducted cooperatively and conclude with a consensus on the outcome. This stability of the sport is critical to the success of the game because fans want to see football, not fighting.

It is ironic that the constant conflict in football is managed through cooperation, by following rules, respecting referees, and doing what is right, yet in politics, rules are basically disregarded, referees are brashly disrespected, and doing what is right is broadly discouraged. If politics were actually conducted as competently as the game of football, the feelings of Americans toward its government would greatly improve through a sense of fairness, focus, and friendship for fellow Americans. Although football and politics are essentially both forms of competition, there is little in common in the way each is conducted. Sadly, one of the only crossover connections between the two is contained in the phrase “political football,” which reflects a fundamentally misaligned message, and a mistaken perception of the gridiron game, because the term denotes a political confrontation that is often considered to be contrived, and primarily based on creating confusion amongst citizens, usually without containing a common cause purpose that is widely viewed as constructive.

Right now, one of the most consequential episodes of “political football” is playing out across the nation over the topic of building a wall on America’s southern border, yet both sides in the confrontation seem to be so deeply dug in, that if this level of entrenchment were somehow a feature of the actual wall, its foundation would be so stubbornly structured that it would be impenetrable with tunnels, tools, or trespassers. Like the game of football, there are two sides of politics competing over the wall, but unlike the sport, this contest is destined to eventually end without anyone feeling like a winner, nor forming a result that is a consensus compromise in the eyes of the country because of all of the prior political posturing that has polluted the process. Although there is blame on both sides of this issue, the President of the United States is the nation’s top leader, and as such, deserves most of the responsibility. President Trump is essentially the quarterback of this game of “political football,” and like most field leaders of a team, his actions will greatly determine the end result. Yet regardless of the eventual outcome, history will show that during the Trump presidency, the wall was the ball.

Fortunately, my upcoming book, Political Football: The Super Bowl of Politics, assigns a positive purpose to the phrase “political football,” to apply the principles of fairness, focus, and fellowship from the gridiron game to forge a fix for politics. By using these fundamental principles of football, Americans can begin to recapture the rights of the people and replace the reigns of power that ride roughshod over the restoration of the interests of the public. Every day it becomes more clear that the existing system of power politics has failed America, and most of the world, creating a tremendous need for a new way to make political interactions more productive, more peaceful, and “more perfect.” To get to that positive place in politics, which is mandated in the opening phrase of the U.S. Constitution, “We the People” must be empowered with tools for truth that put the public interest first, and not the pursuits of the powerful.

Much like the mismatch of the phrase “political football” needs to be redefined in a modern way that is positive for the people, so does the misguided affairs of power politics require redirection to properly provide for the interests of the public. For the public good, it is time for new ideas, novel insights, and precise plans to be found, and spread widely around, to make all societies more publicly sound. No longer can the people of America, and the world, afford to sit idle and tolerate the sullied systems of power politics that are simply stubborn, stupid, and selfish. That’s why the entire world needs more hopeful messages that are designed to reshape the way politics are conducted, or else the powerful will just continue to further imperil the future for everyone.