Where's the Beef? And What's Your Plan?


The catchphrase, “Where’s the beef?” was featured in that iconic Wendy’s commercial that debuted thirty-five years ago in January 1984, and rose to further notoriety when it was used during the 1984 Presidential election campaign. That initial beef about burgers really heated up when it turned into a grilling of Senator Gary Hart after former Vice President Walter Mondale criticized him for his lack of ideas during a debate. 

At the time, that memorable line became a national phenomenon, and now America needs it to become a national focal point. “Where’s the beef?” has sadly become indicative of the entire political system today.

As the 2020 election cycle gets increasingly hotter, there are two significant ways to think about “Where’s the beef?” First, as it was used back in 1984 to criticize a candidate for a lack of substantive solutions. Unfortunately, today, that criticism needs to be more broadly and systematically applied because it really describes the entire empire of politics. Second, we can apply “Where’s the beef?” to assert the contrived contentiousness that gets stirred up by politicians to get noticed in the media, meanwhile tending to readily neglect the more pressing issues at hand. In modern day American politics, it often requires the clash of contention to get any mass attention.

To move America forward to the future, the crucial concept of “Where’s the beef?” needs to be brought back, beefed-up, and better refined in a more direct form that simply asks: 

“What’s your plan?” 

In this modern time, with the demands of life more heavily weighing on the societal structures that were built for the past, “What’s your plan?” needs to become the national motto and mantra to make sure the 2020 Election – and all subsequent elections – are run in a way that is fair, focused, and future-oriented.

“What’s your plan?” is the most meaningful line to get things done in all aspects of life, and it should be universally applied throughout the country to produce an ambitious atmosphere of political affairs that inspires creation, energizes cooperation, and improves communication by acting as a constructive conduit for the citizenry to suggest, spread, and support new ideas. 

From now on – considering the rapid pace of change and the subsequent need to more carefully look ahead for obstacles and opportunities – every political cycle should have a productive theme that matches the challenges of the times. In the year 2020, the competition for picking political leaders should be focused and framed as the “What’s Your Plan?” Election.

In 1984, “Where’s the beef?” became about a burger and a candidate. In 2020, “What’s your plan?” needs to be about the betterment of a country. Therefore, every political candidate should be required to answer this most basic question and to present that plan publicly in writing. This simple step to better inform society needs to become the most essential demand of democracy, and is the basic core of The Best Plan Project that advocates that The Best Plan should win the White House, and every other election around the country.