The Week We've Had

On Monday, in the Rose Garden, Tiger Woods was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Tiger was, of course, recently bathed in green after winning the Masters.

Meanwhile according to the New York Times, the President was once drowning in the red.

They released a report on Donald Trump’s taxes showing a decade of over a billion dollars in business losses.

Turns out in 2016, we elected a man touting his business acumen who on paper once lost more money than any other American.

Sadness came again to the Denver area with a school shooting that killed one and injured eight.

For the third time in recent weeks, it wasn’t Congress or a SWAT team that stopped a mass killer, but rather - in a style reminiscent of Flight 93 - it was an American hero, this time student, who fatally intervened to end the madness.

Joe Biden continues to lead the Democratic field.  In a new poll, he has a commanding 32-point lead over his nearest competitor, Bernie Sanders.

The prominence of the former Veep’s campaign caused President Trump to give him a new monicker, 

Similarly, Rudy Giuliani packed his bags for the Ukraine in search of dirt on Hunter Biden’s past business dealings.

Meanwhile, Starbucks is getting more attention from Game of Thrones than Howard Schultz’ Presidential campaign.

While a misplaced latte captivated fans of the Khaleesi, the would-be presidential Independent has been off the campaign trail reportedly recovering from back issues.

The House Judiciary Committee voted to hold AG Bill Barr in contempt.

Many Democrats are upset about the lack of a release of the fully redacted Mueller report - notwithstanding that none have taken opportunity read the less-redacted version that has been made available for their inspection, while five Republicans have.

And it was a Republican Senator from North Carolina, Richard Burr, who subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to appear in front of a Senate committee.

If that happens, it would mean the Senate will again do something Robert Mueller did not - hear sworn testimony from the President’s namesake. Mueller never interviewed Don Jr. about the infamous Trump Tower meeting.

House Judiciary chair Jerry Nadler also announced that Robert Mueller won’t testify next week.

Forget Don Jr. or Don McGhan - when the Special Counsel finally breaks his silence, we will learn more about his fundamental decision not to decide on obstruction due to concern that the president would not be able to defend himself for charges that cannot be brought while he is in office.

The President doubled tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports. The move does not impact goods already close to our shores and so there is still time to put a deal together.  Whether this is for real or the Art of the Deal remains to be seen.

Yesterday brought news that the President is taking control of the 4th of July, moving the site of Washington fireworks and planning to address the nation.

No word on whether Sean Spicer will return to the White House to estimate crowd size.

Finally late last night, word that Giuliani’s trip to the Ukraine would not take place. That’s good news for Robert Mueller - it means he wont have to investigate Ukrainian meddling post 2020.