What does the Mueller report mean? Russia won


I’m not discussing whether the Mueller report exonerates or proves wrongdoing by President Trump. We should all be happy the report doesn’t unequivocally prove that a U.S. president worked with our adversary in a criminal manner. Whatever facts I might present on that subject would only be accepted if they were in line with preexisting beliefs. I would like to use facts to explain how American is coming apart. I am only presenting real facts and, in so doing, will use quotes to reflect actual language of the Mueller report.

I’m sure we have all felt the strain on a friendship or a relationship among family members because we see the current political scene differently. Pew Research, among others, shows the United States more polarized than at any time in the nation’s history since the Civil War. The Mueller report has uncovered how that happened and that the Russians are a very big part of it.

As early as 2014, a Russian organization known as the Internet Research Agency (IRA) says that Russia “carried out the earliest Russian interference operations identified by the investigation as a social media campaign designed to provoke and amplify political and social discord in the United States.” This was well before the 2016 election and before anyone dreamed that Donald Trump could mount a successful presidential campaign. It is clear that Russia’s initial goals were to create division and havoc among our population. To weaken us from within using our belief in free speech as a weapon.  

“The campaign evolved from a generalized program designed in 2014 and 2015 to undermine the U.S. electoral system, to a targeted operation that, by early 2016, favored candidate Trump and disparaged candidate Clinton.” 

The approach was “the purchase of political advertisements on social media in the names of U.S. persons and entities, as well as staging political rallies inside the United States.” 

They made up names such as “Being Patriotic, Stop All Immigrants, Secured Borders, and Tea Party News.” They “purported black social justice groups Black Matters, Blacktivist, and Don’t Shoot Us.” Also used were groups with names like LGBT United and “religious group United Muslims of America.”

“To reach larger U.S. audiences, the IRA purchased advertisements from Facebook and promoted the IRA groups on newsfeeds of U.S. audience members. According to Facebook, the IRA purchased over 3500 advertisements and the expenditures totaled approximately $100,000.” 

Facebook is a relatively low-cost advertising media, so $100,000 is a big number. And we fell for it. The buy-in by left and right cable news talking heads and party line politicians made us fall even harder for the orchestrated plan to divide and weaken America. 

We won the Second World War as all Americans pitched in. Those who couldn’t serve in the military built tanks and airplanes, bought war bonds and gladly gave up comfort items whose raw materials were needed for the war effort. Our unity propelled a Herculean effort that won the war.

President Kennedy brought us together asking us to sign up for the moon mission. He asked for funding that tripled the space budget and put aside other goals. He told us it would be hard, but we united behind his challenge and we met it. 

I’m certain we all remember President Bush’s words on the bullhorn as he told those who knocked down the World Trade towers that Americans would unite in their retaliation and we did. 

Russia has noticed how powerful we are when we are united, so it is not surprising that they have launched a plan to eliminate our resolve by replacing it with discord and disunion. 

So, here’s the key question, what will we do about this campaign now that it has been uncovered and made public? Will we continue to argue along party lines about the role of the President? Or, will we see this as a rallying cry telling our leaders to work together and pull out all the stops to lessen the ability of all our enemies to feed us bad and damaging information? If there are such leaders, I certainly look forward to hearing their voices. The opening cry might include the words, “Enough is enough.” Let’s listen to see if there are leaders who love America more than politics.