Does Trump Want To Be Impeached?

Does President Trump want to be impeached? That’s the survey question at, and I raise this at the end of a few days of insult-trading between the President and House Speaker.

Each questioned the other’s fitness for office.

On the surface, it looks like the two don’t like each other and that they are being petulant.

That may be true. But I suspect there’s more going on.

Numerous reports say Nancy Pelosi wasn’t acting impulsively but planned to engage the President this week as part of a strategy to push his buttons in response to his thwarting of various investigations.

When the President responded in kind, he seemed to be inviting the invitation of impeachment proceedings.

Maybe that’s exactly what he wants. Why? Because with the knowledge that Democrats can’t muster the twenty Republican votes needed in the Senate, he knows he’s working with a net. The House might impeach, but the Senate won’t convict. Instead, like the Mueller probe, perhaps the President thinks his opponents will rally around an expensive and time-consuming process only to have him emerge at the end, unscathed and playing the victim.

Does that sound too strategic for Trump?

Okay, instead, maybe he’s just annoyed by all the accusations and investigations, and that’s why he walked into the Rose Garden mid-day on Wednesday and blasted both Pelosi and Schumer.

Aaron Blake from the Washington Post posed a third possibility:

“Perhaps this is a bit of reverse psychology. Maybe Trump is indeed legitimately worried about how all this might turn out, but he wants Democrats to think he’s goading them into impeachment. If he makes it seem as if he’s really concerned about it and does all kinds of things to up the impeachment ante, it’ll make them believe they are walking into a trap — a trap, it bears noting, that they were already worried was a trap."

Intriguing, right? Call it the George Costanza. The opposite. Where Democratic opposition to the President is so entrenched, he figures they will oppose whatever they think he is “for.” So if he wants impeachments, Democrats will do the opposite.

Of course, there is an option four: namely, that the President is not being strategic and has no concerted strategy, other than to be provocative and always on the offense. Every day is another installment of his reality show, and by fighting with the House Speaker, we are no longer focussed on possible war with Iran, Chinese tariffs, whether Don McGann will testify on Trump’s taxes.