The Democrats are Botching 2020


Addiction wrecks rational behavior. The 2018 midterms showed Democrats the path to Oz in 2020. Legislate. Focus real attention on Independents. Addiction to anything – in this case complete fixation on and hatred of everything Trump – rarely turns out well.

Piers Morgan was on the last hour of Morning Joe on April 23. He laid out in clear, no nonsense terms, exactly what the Democrats had to do to defeat Donald Trump. He also opined on how they are working hard to re-elect the President. He knows Trump well; his comments are well worth watching.

Addicts know that they need to change destructive behavior, and they truly understand and often discuss the changes that need to happen. But the addiction governs behavior. Subpoenas, more Senate and House hearings, the Mueller Report, and having the Attorney General testify gives Trump a huge playground. Addicted Democrats are filling that playground with subpoenas and press conferences. Reality says to back off a bit. Put Trump’s narcissism and self-aggrandizing behavior to the side for now. Focus on legislation. Even though some of the Democrats in Congress get that, the addiction overwhelms common sense for many.

The common defense from Democratic supporters is that they can walk and chew gum at the same time. That may happen, but currently that is not true. Democrats are walking straight toward a Trump re-election.

Trump loves the subpoenas; when the 2020 election is in sniffing distance, it is likely that the subpoenas will not have generated all that much, except loads of panels complaining about Trump. Trump laughs. He has his own PR firm in Fox News, and he uses Fox and his unparalleled ability to divert as his best weapon. Trump is also an incredible salesman and can sell in ways that few can. Insults, name-calling, flat-out lying as a way of life are all part of the Trump PR menu. 

Trump is who he is. The independent voter knows that Fox News should be renamed Trump News. On the Left, MSNBC and CNN pounce on Trump’s fibs and fudges, giving the expression “beating a dead horse” new meaning in the process. Even though media executives absolutely know that the news needs to be more balanced, the Trump addiction overwhelms them too. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC’s on-air panels remain totally focused on whatever Trump thinks or does. When that happens, Trump stays viable.

The one set of actions that Trump cannot divert are solid legislative programs focused on issues that the everyday voter knows really need attention. 

In the process, the twenty million Independent voters that hit Republican incumbents and Trump hard in 2018 continue to be ignored. The two bases that make up 80% of voters on the left and right are not going anywhere. Nor does either base have enough votes to win in 2020 without Independent voter support. Democrat addicts apparently do not understand that. Lucky for Democrats is that Fox (aka Trump) News doesn’t get that either.

Independents are first looking for leadership that has moral values, but they have to be earned. Make no mistake, many of the ~20% of the population with neutral Trump opinions can be persuaded to vote for him if the Democrats look disorganized and incompetent. As is the case today.

Democrats now have an age issue, although one not acknowledged by the leftist media panel wizards. The top three Democrats in the House are Nancy Pelosi (79), Steny Hoyer (79), and Jim Clyburn (79). The top Democratic candidates are Joe Biden (76) and Bernie Sanders (77). This group has little idea about what voters in their 30s, 40s, and 50s really think and want. They badly need young leadership voices. Collectively, the top Democratic leaders are frozen in time and totally stuck on what their base wants. Addiction drives behavior.

Biden surged into the lead because the general consensus is that he is “electable.” Maybe not. Do not undersell the age issue or the political baggage issue. My foggy crystal ball says that he WON’T be the Democratic candidate in 2020.

On Easter Monday, Speaker Pelosi finally makes real effort to slam the brakes on impeachment and the Trump haters. The Speaker understands that this last batch of subpoenas, investigations, and schedules for more hearings are a godsend to the President. Trump gets to fib and fudge and say that he was totally exonerated, that the Mueller investigation was proven to be a Witch Hunt, that the Democrats are on a hate mission. Discussion of and moves toward impeachment would be a second godsend. There are two legitimate views of the issue concerning moves toward impeachment. One is that it will keep Trump more viable than ever, and the other is that President Trump sees himself as King Trump; that the House has to move to protect its role as an overseer of the White House.

Trump is brilliant at stroking his base and feeding opioids to addicted Democrats. Independents are not paying that much attention to Washington now, but on occasion, we do look to see the Democrats do something useful. At this point, that’s not happening. 

To win, the Democrats must take the lead on infrastructure, budget, healthcare, the environment, and a detailed plan for the immigration system that really needs to be fixed. Work with the Right. Pass bills in the House. Send them to the Senate. Let Mitch McConnell figure out how to duck and bob and weave and kill the bills. 

If the Democrats – and the leftist media – can act with conviction for the benefit of the people that would include working with the Right and putting their deep hatred of Trump to the side, Democrats can convince the Independent voter that they have the best plan going forward. They will also put the best candidate for President on the ballot. Then they win. That simple.