Television's Golden Age

As I often discuss on SiriusXM, I like being into one particular program at a time, both for working out and to end my day.

I’m one of those who believes we are living in a golden age of television. I’ve watched some great stuff over the last several years that I will list in a moment. 

And, in the last 2 years, I’ve gone back and re-watched every episode of my all-time favorites: Curb Your Enthusiasm, the Larry Sanders Show, the Sopranos - plus I just finished Breaking Bad. Every episode of each of those shows was phenomenal - just as good the second time around (I’m sure a mental health professional could profile me based on my TV  tastes).  Those are my gold stars. None better.     

But now I need a new show. And on my Facebook page, I’ve received more than 1,000 suggestions.  

Shocker - I have not gotten into Game of Thrones. I’ve watched a few episodes and appreciate the gratuitous sex and violence, but I couldn’t distinguish between the different factions.

So, before you recommend for me a new show, take a look at this somewhat alphabetized, partial list of my other favs - then tell me on Facebook, based on these likes, what am I missing??

The Americans - hung with it for about 3 seasons, didnt finish.

A Place to Call Home - Australian, amazing.

Banshee - great for a few seasons, then jumped the shark.  Hello Ivana Millicevic.  Still can’t believe former PA Gov. Tom Corbett had cameo. No way he ever watched the show before agreeing! 

Billions - still watching and enjoying.

Californication - terrific. David Duchovny and Natascha McElhone wonderful together. 

The Comeback - Arguably the most under-rated TV show ever. Love Lisa Kudrow!

The Crown - tremendous. Can’t wait for more. 

Downton Abbey - what can I say, I’m an an Anglophile.  

The Deuce - fantastic show, Maggie Gyllenhaul is all in - I’ve never seen an actor willing to give so much to a role. 

Episodes - tremendous. Matt LeBlanc hysterical and I’ve still never watched a single episode of Friends.  

Eastbound and Down - should I be embarrassed that I’m a Kenny Powers fan?

Fargo - watched season one only, then lost interest. 

House of Cards - sorry, without Frank Underwood it’s not the same.

Homeland - after Brody I lost interest. 

Mad Men - genius. 

Narcos - watched first two seasons, lost interest. 

Newsroom - no one talks like that, but I watched. 

Oz - everything I know about prison I learned from this show. 

OJ Made in America - this is the documentary. I thought I knew everything, I didn’t. 

People v OJ Simpson - John Travolta as Robert Shapiro, brilliant. 

Studio 60 on Sunset Strip - I loved it. I think 30 Rock stole its thunder.

True Detective - watched season one only. McConaughey and Harrelson perfect pairing. 

Westworld - lost me after 2 seasons. Too confusing, I’m a dope. Just like Thrones. 

30 Rock - Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey; real chemistry. 

Transparent - Loved it from the moment I saw the pilot, before it was picked up.  

Weeds - enjoyed for 3 seasons, then it lost me. 

West Wing - of course. 

The Wire - was a late comer and haven’t seen all episodes, but I might start all over again.