Protect Your Family Privacy

In the 21st century, families have new dangers and financially harmful threats in their lives.  While the use of technology allows society to progress, it also leaves us susceptible to new threats. Firstly, maybe one percent of families, work from home staff and home based businesses have the knowledge to control privacy invasion threats incoming from information criminals, government agencies and business decision makers.  Secondly, what makes matters worse is maybe only one percent of families can afford expensive consultants that can provide the necessary training to maximize their privacy.  Finally, many families underrate the 21st century privacy invasion threats and do not take advantage of privacy controls adequately.  All these problems are tantamount to a recipe for disaster for families.  

Many family members still consider financial identity theft, which is the visible "tip of the iceberg," the only criminal privacy invasion technique they need to control.  They have not calculated the threats associated with a lack of privacy from blackmail, stalking and lawsuits from open social media and e-mail usage.  This lack of privacy can lead to medical identity fraud, stalking, home invasions and other physical harm.  IT programmers and hackers can tell you they know ways to defeat encryption and weak access systems.  Most families do not maintenance their computer environments correctly, know how many cloud privileged users can review their sensitive information or even the quality of the security of these computer environments they trust.  They also do not know which country their critical data resides, or which country's laws govern their upkeep. This lack of knowledge leaves them susceptible to criminal activity.  Criminals will also tell you they know ways to open locked doors, safes and padlocks to access private home areas. You can see why in the information age, criminals consider homes, automobiles, home based staff and home businesses the weakest link for invasion. 

Governments encircle their citizens in an undefeatable secret firing squad of advanced privacy invasion techniques, technologies and processes.  Freedom is the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action.  If the citizenry does not rise up, then we may be the last generation to be free.  When a citizen uses any electronic, paper or verbal communications, then the government uses a number of covert techniques and technologies to access the communications.  When the citizen travels, the government could track where they walk, drive or fly using ground and aerial video equipment.  If the citizen legitimately buys, sells, works a job, transfers money or owns something of value the government can track their transactions using a host of complex business processes.  When in the citizen's home or home-based office, the government could choose to see images and listen through their walls using many enhancement technologies.  Negative information collected and retained by government agencies is for sale to businesses or stolen by foreign governments or criminals.  This collected information can also surface anytime during HR interviews, ethics investigations, lawsuits by lawyers or criminal investigations by prosecutors. The future is a completely tracked society and a citizen rating process to evaluate the quality of a citizen to the government.  Information tabulated are financial wealth, credit ratings, business associates, family members, friends, locations traveled, education, job status, time in jail or military etc.

Business is the 800-pound gorilla in the world of family privacy invasion.  There are normal businesses and specialized information businesses called "information brokers."  They collect, track and sell medical, behavioral, current and past locations, asset, spending, credit history and hundreds of other personal information items.  This sensitive information secretly migrates into "dynamic pricing" business processes.  Dynamic pricing analyzes family member personal information to evaluate new customers, raise rates or premiums, alter services, and determine when to terminate an existing customer relationship or just maintain an unfair business advantage over its customers.  Dynamic pricing can cost a family hundred to millions of dollars in overcharges over their lifetimes.  Normal and information broker businesses routinely share information with government privacy invaders in order to comply with government regulations, increase profits or maintain financial market share.  The greatest risk to families is foreign governments, hackers, con artists and privileged insiders data breach of their information.  Businesses and foreign governments are collecting and mining family social media data to manipulate elections and public opinion.  When this information is available to potential employers or the public, it determines a citizen's social status and operates as a form of citizen peer pressure and control.

All families should seriously consider internalizing that any information collected by privacy invaders as uncontrollable and available for use against them.For families to begin to win their 21st Century Privacy War a family should first understand the existing and new privacy invasion techniques and technologies deployed by criminals, governments and business.Some family members have a higher risk tolerance than others do.Much like a chain, an entire family's privacy is only as strong as its weakest family member. Pay attention and save your family privacy.

Sterling Clyburn is the owner of InfoCTRL L.L.C. (“Info” is an abbreviation for “information” and “CTRL” is the computer keyboard abbreviation for “control”), which is an exclusive privacy consultancy with a single-minded focus to help families, work from home staff, and home based business owners when they decide to minimize their privacy invasion risks. InfoCTRL is an extremely confidential limited liability company based in Northern New Jersey and only shares staffing or client information or knowledge of its privacy advocacy activities on a need to know basis. You can contact him by emailing