Frenzy. Chaotic. Turbulent.

Frenzy. Chaotic. Turbulent. All words used to describe the last 2 weeks in the life of president Donald Trump. And for good reason. You know the laundry list.

 He retweeted a guy who implied that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t die by suicide, but was actually killed by the Clintons. And he retweeted that the FBI ignored investigating the Parkland shooter and the convicted sex abuser Larry Nasser because they were too busy investigating him. He posed for what seemed like an intemperate photo in the aftermath of the El Paso shooting with an infant who was orphaned in the attack. Meanwhile his new citizenship and immigration services director, Ken Cuccinelli was mocked for modifying the statue of liberty poem. The Mooch abandoned him and suggested his former boss is not playing with a full deck

 And that’s just at home….Internationally speaking, the President has laid low on the unrest in Hong Kong

 He’s largely ignored the missle launches in North Korea. And urged Israel to deny admission to two sitting U.S. Members of congress. His trade war with China has caused shock waves in international markets. The Dow dropped 800 points spurring speculation that we are at the beginning of a recession. Undeterred, the President raised the possibility of purchasing Greenland.

 Like I said…..Frenzy. Chaotic. Turbulent. And btw, he’s been on vacation for the last week!

 But there is something else that happened that provides some necessary context to the president’s prognosticators of political doom.  Thursday night, he spoke in New Hampshire. And as he tweeted, he set an attendance record. 


That’s right.  When over 11,500  Trump loyalists packed the SNHU arena in Manchester, they bested an attendance record previously set by Elton John. What does that tell us?

 Maybe that none of the laundry list items from the seemingly “s-show” week the President had have harmed his standing with his base. To them, the items that work Trump critics into a lather continue to be noise.  Fake news. And their continued support is confirmation of what the President once said about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

 But is there something that really could jeopardize his standing with supporters? Some data now suggests the answer is yes, and that his Achilles’ heel is the economy.  Remember, the President’s approval number has never been above water.  Unlike his predecessors, he has never moved above the 50% threshold. This despite the fact that he has enjoyed a robust economy.  He seems to be tapped out in the mid 40’s, which makes his re-election a game of inches. 

 And what would happen to his standing if the economy were to take a tumble? My hunch is that he’d be back to playing second fiddle to the rocket man……