The Best Writing on the Web, 4/12/18


What we are reading and discussing today: Can the President Strike Syria?: Critics want to see the legal rationale behind the move: Tim Mak, NPR.

We Need Veterans in Congress...To Prevent Military Action: Danielle Lupton, a professor at Colgate, explains in The Washington Post why having fewer veterans in office means we are more likely to go to war.

Is Eric Greitens Done?: The Missouri House's report on his activities suggests that he certainly could be.

The Mayor Visits Meek: Mayor Kenney visited Meek Mill in prison, reports Chris Palmer in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Schwarzman's School District: Steve Schwarzman gave a lot of money to Abington school district. He wanted a whole lot in return for it: Kathy Boccella and William Bender, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

John Boehner - For Marijuana Reform?: He was always opposed to it as Speaker of the House. Now, though, he thinks marijuana can help people: Alex Horton and Chris Ingraham, The Washington Post.

The Kids...Aren't Grown Up: More and more young people between the ages of 25 and 29 are living at home with their parents: Dan Kopf, QZ.