The Best Writing on the Web, 3/26/2018


What we're reading and discussing today: Changing Party Demographics: At least educationally and gender-wise, that is. Pew has found that there is a growing gap in who belongs to what party.

March for Our Lives Speeches: Here were the six most memorable ones: Kayla Epstein and Teddy Amenabar, The Washington Post.

Stereotypes about Parties Fool Us: There are religious Democrats, and young Republicans. But people always miss that fact: Perry Bacon, Jr. and Dhrumil Mehta, FiveThirtyEight.

Who Will Challenge Trump?: The top 15 challengers, ranked: Aaron Blake, The Washington Post.

Stormy's Ambition: She won't let anything - not even the president - hold her back: Matt Flegenheimer, Rebecca Ruiz, and Katie Van Syckle, The New York Times.