The Best Writing on the Web, 4/13/2018


What we are reading and discussing today: No More Fuel Standards?: Getting rid of them, as the EPA is discussing doing, would lead to more large cars and a less clean climate.

What Comey's Memoir Tells Us: James Comey's memoir about his time with Trump has been released. Here are some of its biggest reveals: Jessica Taylor, NPR.

Pompeo Breaks with Trump: In his confirmation hearing, he called out Russia, and in doing so, broke with Trump: Uri Friedman, The Atlantic.

Trump Can Fire Mueller. He Shouldn't: John Yoo and Saikrishna Prakash explain in The New York Times. 

"The Tragedy of Paul Ryan": Tim Alberta examines Ryan's retirement and legacy in Politico.

The High Stakes in Syria: Noah Rothman looks at Assad's chemical attacks and why Trump needs to take action.