The Best Writing on the Web, 4/19/2018


What we are reading and discussing today: Does the whole United States need bias training?: Karen Attiah, writing in The Washington Post, says yes.

Are we losing our minds over Starbucks?: Kyle Smith writes in the National Review, "In 2018 America, it’s as if just about everyone is either Khalif, absurdly overreacting to the latest news, or Zack, getting dragged into somebody else’s political controversy."

The GOP has more problems than Trump: Conor Friedersdorf argues in The Atlantic that the party's problems go much deeper than the president.

An authoritarian House?: Matthew Yglesias writes in Vox that members of the GOP caucus in the House are trying to prosecute any political enemy they can find.

What street should be named for MLK?: Josh Eligon investigates at The New York Times.