The Best Writing on the Web, 4/25/2018


What we are reading and discussing today: Could the DNC be right to sue the Trump campaign?: Jeffrey Toobin explores the question in The New Yorker.

Stop giving mass murderers the attention they want: Argues David Von Drehle in The Washington Post.

Joy Reid's bigoted history: Glenn Greenwald writes in The Intercept about Joy Reid's newfound history of anti-gay sentiments and writings and wonders why the media isn't covering the story more.

A Port Authority abuse of power: A police officer pulled over a car. Then the Port Authority chairwoman showed up and started yelling at the officer: Matt Friedman, Dana Rubinstein, and Ryan Hutchins.

The Soul-Crushing Student Essay: Scott Korb is the director of first-year writing at the New School.

American lives are worth budgeting for with biodefense: Former Sen Joe Lieberman and Former Secretary Gov Tom Ridge.