The Best Writing on the Web, 5/1/2018


What we are reading and discussing today: Mueller, the whistleblower?: In The New York Times, Joseph Tye and Mark Zaid examine the possibility of Robert Mueller becoming a whistleblower if fired.

Joy Reid's shameless defenders: They are willing to celebrate her apology, but ignore the cover up, writes Hayley Miller in The Huffington Post.

Mueller's questions for Trump: They've been leaked. Here they are in The New York Times.

Will social media be the undoing of democracy?: Yascha Mounk examines in The New York Review of Books.

Michelle Wolf hit low...: But Trump hit lowers, writes Katherine Timpf in the National Review.

The Cosby memorandum: Judge Eduardo Robreno's decision of whether to unseal the documents in the case from July 6, 2015.