Need Some Answers


Every year around this time I try to wrest myself away from my addiction – the world of politics – to desperately find answers to some common-sense questions. Safety is first. By law, we have seat belts in planes, cars, and trucks. We are not required to buckle up in school busses, transit busses, and high speed trains. Is that the height of bad planning, or are their reasons? I can’t get answers on trains and busses, but the school bus industry pays for studies that say children may use seat belts to attack each other. That is possible, but there are way too many yellow bus mishaps with injuries and fatalities every year to continue not having safety belts.

My second query is about gambling. This is such a no-brainer that it makes you want to scream, “Does anyone in Washington think”? So I ask, why doesn’t the U.S. government allow legal online sports betting and collect the taxes? To that I presume that someone out there supports offshore betting sites, or bookies at the neighborhood bar. Frankly, I would rather support the taproom numbers guys than give away gambling cash to somebody huddled in a hotel room in the Caribbean. We have legal casinos and online gaming in some states, but we could have so much more with a national gambling law.

Finally, for now (the price of being on Michael’s site is brevity) a question to all of you. Should Saturday or Sunday be the new Tuesday? Nations with weekend voting have higher turnouts than America!

Larry Kane has anchored and reported the news for 52 years in Philadelphia.