Dear Ms. Loesch


I am a college student who is deeply saddened and scared by the AR epidemic. I watched the CNN Town Hall with the courageous movement Stoneman Douglas community has created. I kept thinking what I would’ve asked the NRA lady Dana Loesch; there are so many questions to ask, so many answers I want and need. But if forced to choose, I think I would ask her and everyone who supports these extremely dangerous assault rifles, what is the value/importance of having these types of guns in American society? Her answer would be for personal protection and also in the 2nd amendment back in the day they had assault rifles too.

If I could, I’d go on a rant and tell her what I think. First, I would say pistols and shotguns work just as good for protection without causing a massive threat to We the People. Second, back in December 15th, 1791 the bill of rights was passed. Does she realize that America literally just ended a bloody intense war 8 years ago with the British in our homeland? If I lived in that time I sure as hell would get the most impactful gun I can to keep my family safe after a war that just happened where I live. But even then, people were supposed to have been or be in well-regulated militias to have those guns. Nowadays, the reason for people to own ARs is for entertainment and hobby purposes all while mass amount of people are getting slaughtered by those same guns.

These military weapons of mass destruction create way more danger to communities then keeping it legal just for someone's thrill. News flash, people who are violently mentally ill can get them too. These guns makes them and other violent people feel powerful, cool, and unstoppable in their own evil, cynical way.  The opposing argument against banning ARs is just to implement strong background checks on everyone to prevent these guns falling into the wrong hands. Sure that will help prevent easy access. Will it stop the problem? Probably not. A smart college student can get his or her hands on anything they want. As long as these guns are massed produced and are legally available to purchase, people who want them and want to kill will find another way to acquire them pretty easily since these guns are so abundant. They can achieve this by buying ARS illegally off someone or through the internet. These sick individuals are not going to let strict background checks get in the way of acquiring the most effective murder weapon. And if someone just snaps one day, there’s no way a background check system is enough to stop them from killing. .

These assault rifles in our society are a deadly epidemic that is just simply not needed. They might not be responsible for very many of the total gun deaths. But they are the source of the most horrific ones. 58 brutally killed in Vegas. 49 brutally killed in Orlando. 17 brutally killed in Stoneman Douglas high school. The number would have been even higher if it were't for heroes who shielded other students.

It seems to me like ARS are like drugs. Certain drugs become increasingly popular even as all around them people are overdosing, dying left and right using these hard drugs. Aware of the popularity of this drug, the government makes these deadly drugs illegal to protect Americans from future dangerous epidemics. It’s same problem with ARS. We need to put an end to these extremely powerful legal murder weapons in order to avoid thousands of future families, friends, communities to not go through the immense suffering and pain that others have to tragically deal with for the rest of their lives.

I’d finish talking to Ms. Loesch by making one thing clear: it probably seems like I’m a Democract. But I’m not a left wing, anti-gun liberal. I didn't get paid to write this. I'm just a concerned citizen that wants peace and prosperity for all Americans and hope to bring clarity and common sense to this ongoing “debate”. I understand NRA’s business revolves around these guns, so of course they’re going to fight hard against gun reform. I understand people will argue guns are their property, why should a few people be the cause of my guns being taken from me and made illegal to own? However, at end of the day the ultimate job of the government is to keep We the People safe, and these ARS have shown time and time again to be a serious threat to our homeland. It’s time for them to go.

Kevin Yeager is a college student at Rowan College at Burlington County.